Next Performance: Sunday, March 22nd @ August Hill Winery (1pm - 4pm)

About me


Growing Up

Andrew grew up in Oglesby, a small town in north central Illinois, the ninth of twelve children.  He and his siblings each learned an instrument in the school concert band, and music, from Classical to Classic, filled his home.  At the age of thirteen, he took guitar lessons from an old woman at the local pawn shop.  Still, music would not become his primary pursuit until years later, when he moved to Chicago.



His family provided his introduction to music, from Elvis to Gospel to Musicals to Duran Duran.  True to his midwest culture, though, Americana and Soul music have resonated through his live performances of both covers and originals.



Good food, good drink, good conversation, good company, and good music.  Andrew asks, "Isn't it beautiful to be moved by any of the above?"